inward and outward journeys

Hi there, and welcome to Sandra the Traveller, my travel musings.

I have been moving and travelling around since before I could talk. According to my palm, I have a travel life line. Cool, right? I’ve lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Bermuda, Singapore, Hong Kong, Singapore – in that order. Yep, all ex-British colonies and commonwealths. Oops – one is still an “Overseas Territory“.  In between I’ve travelled a fair amount.

By no means am I a prolific traveller, or even an adventurous one (I blame that mostly on my motion sickness, which may be connected to my fears of height and speed). I do love to travel and I am a nomad at heart.

When I moved to Singapore in 2006, I (re)took up photography.  One of my first loves, indeed, as is the Minolta my dad gave me in high school. Now, I never travel without a camera and usually, an assortment of lenses, tripod, mic….People buy smokes at duty-free stores; I buy memory cards.

My goal is to travel light…or get an assistant. Or both! Why not, right?

Why I started this blog…

The years of travel (and living) have given me quite a collection of photographs, stories, lessons, and ah-ha moments. They have been bubbling beneath the surface, looking for expression and connection.

Every time I take a trip, it isn’t only an outward movement, but also an inner journey. There is a fair amount of internal negotiation, and to be aware of that and laugh about it is a gift.

And then I get to my destination….Every time we stand in a new place, meet a new person, touch a new tree, and breathe in new air, we are forever changed. Sometimes subtly, but always irrevocably more expanded.

The world is amazing and so is its every single element. I’m so grateful for the experiences I have, even the not-so-great ones and yes, it is a constant practice of letting go, especially while in the midst of those not-so-great ones because so often they turn out to be turning points.

As I muse, I process, and as I process, I let go. And as I let go of the stories, space opens up for more possibilities within me.


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