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We Love Sunsets

We love sunsets, don’t we?

Is it the romance part of it? The gratitude that we had another amazing day? The breathtaking colors and transformation that remind us there is something bigger than us? That we are part of this thing bigger than us?

I love sunrises, but I’m usually not awake, at least not enough to get organized, or even out of my bed. But we did see the sunrise from Mt Fuji and over the sand dunes of Morocco.

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Where to go? Spa, Culture, Eco or Volunteer?

There are over 200 sovereign states. Wikipedia said so. (What’s the deal with this number anyway?) 200?! And if you are like me, too much choice is sometimes too much.  At last count, I’ve been to some 35 countries + the Vatican + Bermuda. So I’ve knocked a fair number off the map, so to speak.… Continue Reading


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