inward and outward journeys

The Last Lecture

The first time I saw this book was years ago. I came across it at an airport shop. It was an intriguing title. I carried the book around the shop while I continued browsing, picking up snacks for the long journey home. In the end, I put it back on the stacks.

I think I just wasn’t ready to read it.

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I’m thinking back to the most memorable Novembers in my life. The two that come to mind are November 2000 and November 2004. Within these four years, my life changed dramatically. The weekend of Remembrance Day in 2000, I left my comfort zone and Vancouver and headed to Bermuda with my then boyfriend Jason. Continue Reading


Osho has said that we create our way when we walk. Sometimes we stop walking, confused as to which way is forward. Yesterday my ankle started to feel a bit tight and I was reminded how physical symptoms are messages. What is my Achille’s heel? What is my weakness and how is that preventing me… Continue Reading


My friend Diana offers Elemental Yoga in Singapore. Last night was the Water Element and as always, it was a beautiful class. She began with a poem that inspired her. About water. …and my mind. Well, it drifted. As she shared the poem, I travelled back to Tromsø in Northern Norway. Continue Reading


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